Custom Koztumez – Stop and shop for your next costume. Create your own or choose from our inventory mix and match. All items are hand made for a reasonable price. We are now expanding to add the full concept of costumes. Head to Toe costumes with accessories.

Rock Solid Mamas Rock Solid Mamas is an art and healing page. Every one of a kind piece incorporates crystals and gemstone. One of our owners is a certified Energy Healer who is also a multimedia artist. Our jewelry artist works with a variety of crystals, gemstones, charms and chains. Most of our pieces can be customized. We will do commissions to create that perfect gift.

Trinkets and Treasures – this is the onsite “gift shop” for Fantasy of the Lakes wares.

Magical Musings Books, LLC – When we got together nearly 20 years ago, our backgrounds were very similar, and we just clicked. Within the first year, we realized how the Craft called to us and we forged our own path together.
Several years ago, knowing we needed a place to keep all our accumulated knowledge and random pieces of information, we started making our own books that would also hold our energy and intent. Recently, we decided to share what we do and create books and baubles for others.

Mythical Menagerie – Do you like art inspired by mythical creatures? If so, you have come to the right place. I sell appealing posable art dolls. Do you find that life is getting you down? Is it getting hard to get through one day and into the next? You want to add a little fantasy flare to your life? I make poseable art dolls designed specifically to help alleviate those bothersome days. Either it would be at home or at work, or even in the car, my products come in several styles and functions, perfect to accommodate your lifestyle and unique personality.

Drew’s Blades – hand forged pointy things for sale!

3 Celts & Company – John Peterson

Mooncrafted – Living in the hectic world of today, it can be hard to incorporate magick into your everyday life. MoonCrafted Essentials helps fill that void with our carefully crafted products designed to draw specific energies toward you with the simple act of lighting a candle or washing up. Special essential oil blends, herbs, botanicals, and even charged stones and crystals help our products invoke the power that surrounds us.

Reiki Magick – tarot readings and reiki healing sessions, and many other offerings