Custom Koztumez – Stop and shop for your next costume. Create your own or choose from our inventory mix and match. All items are hand made for a reasonable price. We are now expanding to add the full concept of costumes. Head to Toe costumes with accessories.

Rock Solid Mamas Rock Solid Mamas artists and healers. Every one of a kind piece of art incorporates crystals and gemstones. One of our owners is an Energy Healer who is also a multimedia artist. Our jewelry artist works with a variety of crystals, gemstones, charms and chains. Most of our pieces can be customized. We will do commissions to create that perfect gift.

Trinkets and Treasures – this is the onsite “gift shop” for Fantasy of the Lakes wares.

Coven of the Northern Lakes

Reiki Magick – Orgonites- Mugs, Ovals, Hearts Pocket, Skulls; Leather Wraps for mug, candles, domed and sci-fi, Chakra Stone Kit, Smudging sprays, house cleansing kit, altar kit, reiki Sessions, Readings -Psychic, Tarot, Runes

MoonCrafted Essentials – Candles, Bath Products (soap, salts, oils), Art work, Fiber art/crochet fantasy creatures, cloaks

Magical Musings Books – Handmade Journals, Wood-burned & laser – engraved craft (Spoons, Boxes, Slabs, etc. Spirit Bottles and or balls, Tie Blankets & Lap Throws, Pendulums (Stone, pendants, pendulum pendant combos, necklaces) Jewelry, Runes (wood or Stone), Crocheted hats

Lily of the Light – Psychic Medium, Oracle Cards

Drew’s Blades

Mythical Menagerie – Poseable Art Doll, Pendant, Prints, Stickers

Iron Ranger Arts – Primitive Archery Bows, Arrows & Accessories, Wooden Sword & Dagger Replicas, leather journals, Stationary sets with ink and quills, various other primitive tool replicas made from wood, metal, horn, and or bone

Merlin’s Mind of Metal – Chainmail and Scalemail jewelry

Wyrd Wench Wears – Costumes and Accessories

Mistress Knows A Lot – Tarot Readings

Coconut Dreams

Lady Artisan – Bodice Coolers/Warmers, drinking vessels, functional art, bronze and pewter sculpture, jewelry

Burton Art Studios – glass work – tiles, sculpture, masks; mixed media, paintings