Once upon a time a mystical seamstress and her husband landed in Chisago County and found the area filled with mystery, beauty, and lakes that fill the county. Lady ReyLynn and Sir Timothy Thompson, while on the adventures of discovering the land, ran into gnomes that told them this would be a great place to spread their wings.

As Lady ReyLynn and Sir Timothy continued along the way looking for the right spot to call home, they encountered fauns and fairies that asked if they could also be residents of the new village.

Sir Timothy Thompson exclaimed, “Why yes! Please join us in our adventure to find a perfect spot for our village. We would be honored to keep company with you.”

Lady ReyLynn, noticing a tear in one of the Fairy’s wings asked, “Would you like me to repair your wing?”

As Little Miss, the fairy, sat while Lady Reylynn mended the rip with her golden thread, the fairy announced “I know a place we should explore!”

As the group carried on, the fairy flew ahead. She returned with news.

“There is a spot along the lake, but there are pirates.”

Sir Tim told everyone he had taken a shine to the Pirate life. He and the Fairy went a head of the group to scout out the location and test the waters, so to speak. When they returned, Sir Tim said the pirates would share the land if they were welcome to return to the village. The golden tongue of Sir Timothy convinced the pirates to not only share the land, but to join the village in celebrations yearly. He told them the community would be invited to share in the joy, with singing, dancing, shops, food, and games. This thrilled Captain Jack and he set forth to share the news with the other pirates.

Little Miss Fairy returned to the remaining group and said “Please follow me.”

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