Director’s Cut

Welcome all who have come to Fantasy of the Lakes. Here you will find updated information on our Festival and events.

2020, the year of COVID, created many challenges and we had to be ready to rise to the occasion. With direct limited regulations we cancelled 2020. As 2021 arrives, we strive forward to bring you a festival that follows COVID Guidelines for this year. We will require masks, distancing, and sanitizing stations will be available.  

We will have masks available for purchase at the front gate and distance markers will be placed. As we are getting stronger, getting vaccines, and staying protected we will be able to accomplish our 4th annual event. We will be able to increase ticket sales with the new guidelines and still maintain reasonable social distancing for the park. We are currently awaiting final approval for the Park before we announce our location.

We have made some new changes from Lakes Area Royale Faire (LARF, MN). This is a supplier for Fantasy of the Lakes Nonprofit organization and is still in my leadership. However, the management has changed.

The reason for this change was to expand the reach of this festival by offering more teaching capabilities, fun learning, and creating grants and scholarships. To start, these opportunities will be shared with students in Chisago County who wish to continue education in the arts and skilled trades of the past. Our community is filled with upcoming artists who still are learning their skill, trade, or art/craft. We encourage Senior High School Students to continue with this path, as well as exhibiting at our festival as a creative artist/tradesperson, either by selling or teaching what they learned at our event. Fantasy of the Lakes is currently focused on Education and Charitable Contributions.

Our community has treated us well and we have repaid them by donating our time to special events. We have helped in the Business Expo, Triathlon, and Halloween days for the Chisago County Chamber of Commerce, as well as participating in Parades. We look forward to the next event we will help with–the Triathlon 2021–and other events in our community.

What is next?

May 22 and May 23, 2021 we bring the Fantasy of the Lakes Renaissance Festival to Chisago County for another year. We look forward to seeing everyone, and we will give you a safe environment to come out to play.

  • Please remember you will need to wear a mask to get in, you may bring your own or purchase one from the gate with a portion of all proceeds going to Fantasy of the Lakes’ Scholarship.
  • Keep social distancing 6 feet when walking and entertainment seating 12 feet. Vendor booths will have Plexiglas barriers between patrons and staff for protection.
  • Practice sanitizing hands before picking up vendor merchandise.

Thank you for coming to our website and welcome!

2 thoughts on “Director’s Cut

  1. Happy to come out and play as Kip the Satyr this year. I decided to buy my tickets and be a “play”tron but very willing to play and be involved. I chose to be a patron rather than officially join the staff because I want to support a festival that is just getting it’s start and has had a run of bad luck the last couple of years. Also have had some uncertainty in the family situation with one person in my family on a ventilator right now (Non Covid19 related). I hope this will be a fun and enjoyable diversion from what has been a tough year.

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